Lost Ages review roundup

As the release of Lost Ages draws near, we are starting to see some reviews pop up online. We’re extremely honored that people like our album enough to review it. Both the encouragements and criticisms are appreciated. We take this stuff to heart and it means a lot to us. So, without further ado:

  • CVLT Nation – “The fuzz-caked bass that opens “Unwelcome” doesn’t prepare you for the almost Jesu soaring that is about to lift off.”
  • The Monolith“Bereft have made the most of that this half-hour by putting forth a very convincing release that should set them up for some serious success in the near future.”
  • Cosmos Gaming – “Bereft’s inclusion of clean singing is what surprised me the most though, as the transition over to very soft, melodic ranges gives their material quite a bit more depth than some of the others in the genre. It’s a direction they should definitely expand upon as they progress, especially since they have a vocalist that’s very capable of pulling it off.”
  • Mostly Midwest“The sharp cuts from atmospheric noise into blast beats never sound forced, and their ability to add doom to the mix is what I love about the record.”
  • American Aftermath – “All in all, Bereft‘s Lost Ages is another welcomed addition to the whole post-metal/black metal hybrid style.”
  • OccultBlackMetalZine“Bereft  are  a  very  great  sounding  mixture  of  post  black  metal  and  doom”

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