The Shorewood Sayonar

We’re honored to be playing the very last show at Milwaukee’s Shorewood Legion Hall.

Shorewood 02 23 19

Official Lineup

Wings of Scarlet

Reuniting for a special three-song set to close out the night. Have fun and don’t bitch.

Too Pure To Die

If-you-wanna-get-tough-get-tough-motherfucker core, flying into Milwaukee for the night!

Forever Is Forgotten

Reuniting with the original lineup and flying in from San Diego!

Once For All

Holy crap. This reunion is really happening!

High Gallows

Stoner rock fronted by an old ginger, featuring x-members Wings of Scarlet, Bound By Honor, Once For All, Doomhammer and many many more.


Pissed-off metal with heavy groove, likes LaCroix, featuring x-members of Amora Savant, Die Alone and Enabler


An ambient blend of doom and black metal, featuring x-members of An End to Flesh


Death metal with full-on spikes featuring x-members of Gaspar Minga, Northless and Forever is Forgotten

Steel Iron

Spandex-inspired metal featuring members of a lot of the bands that are headling, oh and Nightworld.


Thin Crust Punk featuring members who attended every Shorewood Legion Hall show ever booked.

Black Canvas

First show. Enough said.

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