about bereft


What began as a steadfast expression of the human condition, moves forward with momentum for Madison, WI’s atmospheric doom metal band, Bereft. Founded by Zach Johnson and Alex Linden in 2011, the band is rounded out by Cade Gentry on bass and Jerry McDougal on drums. Bereft weave elements of doom with black metal and post-metal into exhaustive, dynamic songs. Lyrically, they draw from their views on religion, politics and social injustice. It is in this spirit that they creates their own style of powerful metal, unbound to any genre and fully conscious of the impression.

Bereft released their first demo in 2013 and immediately set out playing shows throughout the Midwest. The following year, they recorded their debut EP, Lost Ages, for War Crime/Silent Pendulum Recordings. CVLT Nation cited that the album “possesses a tendency to allow the racing blasts to carry them into more post-rock passages or a beefy, sludge-ridden pace.”

Shows and tours with Agalloch, Gloom, Downfall of Gaia and North kept the band busy for most of 2015. The band signed with Prosthetic Records and began writing for what would become LANDS.

Weaving elements of doom and black metal into exhaustive, dynamic songs, Bereft were eager to bring Lands vision to life and headed to Backroom Studios in Rockaway, NJ to track the album with Kevin Antreassian (Dillinger Escape Plan).

Having recently parted ways with their drummer, founding members Zach Johnson (vocals/guitars), Alex Linden (vocals/guitars) and bassist Cade Gentry enlisted the help of Michael Kadnar (Downfall of Gaia, Black Table, The Number 12 Looks Like You) to record drums for the new album. “The recording sessions couldn’t have gone smoother”, commented Kadner, “I’ve been a big Dillinger Escape plan fan for years, so it was pretty surreal to work with Kevin. He’s a phenomenal engineer and also the most down to earth, funny and welcoming dude you’ll meet.”

Following the completion of recording, Bereft began the search for a permanent drummer. It didn’t last long, however, when long-time friend and gear-head Jerry McDougal joined. “We’ve known Jerry for a few years.” informed Johnson. “He has been nothing but stunning behind the kit. His work as alter ego Satyrnine Amplification has been increasingly helpful for our sound as a band and we’re ecstatic about his presence and talent in our collective.”

McDougal adds, “I first met the guys at a rehearsal complex we shared. They caught wind of my gear-headed nature, which struck up some great conversations. One thing lead to another and here we are. I feel extremely honored and grateful to be part of Bereft, and can’t wait to see what crazy adventures await us on the road.”

Now, with the album ready to go and a new drummer on board, the band feels invigorated. The release of this record is a big milestone, having overcome a lot of obstacles along the way. They’re better because of it though, the band says. “This album has brought us together in ways we never thought possible as a band.”

LANDS is available everywhere on March 31st, 2017.

  • Zach – vocals/guitars
  • Alex – guitars/vocals
  • Cade – bass
  • Jerry – drums